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  • VT New Series Pneumatic Actuator

  • VTS Series Scotch Yoke Actuator

Company Profile

VTORK TECHNOLOGY is a professional manufacturer of valve automation products, committed to provide superior solutions to fluid control industry, including rack and pinion actuators, scotch yoke actuators, intelligent quarter-turn/multi-turn electric actuators and related accessories, as well as various intelligent control products in high precision.

VTORK TECHNOLOGY headquarter is located in Wuxi. Since established in 2012, three manufacturing bases in Wuxi, Hangzhou and Changzhou have been established producing rack and pinion actuators, scotch yoke actuators, various intelligent electric actuators and high-precision fluid control products respectively.

VTORK TECHNOLOGY is becoming one of the leading enterprises with many years' continuous research and development, a great deal of field application improvements and high-efficiency technical innovations. All kinds of products are highly valued by customers.

VTORK TECHNOLOGY provides one-stop in-house valve automation services, such as CAD aided design, high precision CNC machining, flexible assembly process, and stringent delivery inspection which guaranteed by stable production process with superior machinery and quality control process with world recognition certifications like ISO 9001/ ATEX/ CE/ SIL3 and 18 months warranty.

VTORK TECHNOLOGY is looking for every possibility to transcend itself, committed to continuous care to our customers' needs and move customers' technical performance forward by supplying valve automation products in high quality, advanced customization and high precision and then to promote the progress in fluid control industry.